About Us

The Rayan company was founded in 1991 as a private mechanical workshop specialising in the production of tow bars for commercial vehicles. In 2003, we began conversions of small delivery vehicles, where the focal part of our production was converting vans into mini buses.

The company is based in a purpose-built and equipped premises occupying an area of 4300m. With over ten years of experience supported by continual modernisation of the production process and adopting the maximum level of quality principles, the Rayan company is a leader in the field of converting panel-type vans in city, tourist and school buses, as well as special-purpose vehicles, i.e. vehicles for transporting disabled passengers. We have developed our own independent programme of polyester putties used in upgrading and fitting medical vehicles.

Constant technological innovations, accompanied by the cutting-edge materials used in the interior design, as well as careful monitoring of the individual needs of each customer and the support of out young expert team, enable us to fulfil all the requirements of out clients. The company follows and presents the most recent trends in the automobile industry, incorporating them in its creative approach – from the initial design and project plan to production, every type of converted vehicle is equipped to the latest standards. A large part of the production is based on manual operations, allowing for a high level of unique originality and a range of diverse possibilities in the design of each vehicle.

In addition to the constant investment in new machines and expansion of the production plant, special attention is paid to permanent education and training programmes for our employees, in order to meet the high demands of the production process.

Passengers’ pleasure and comfort are guaranteed by a range of conversion elements, such as the high quality of the fabric used in upholstering the walls of the vehicle, the comfortable and ergonomic seats designed to the latest fashion, air-conditioning and heating components manufactured by the world’s leading brands, ideally balanced distribution of temperature and the low level of noise, enhanced by the DVD player, LCD screens and the most advanced LED ambience lighting.

The company is undergoing a process of introducing ISO 9001-2008 quality management system.

All of this and much more is available in the Rayan company at affordable and competitive prices, and a high quality of in-built parts by certified manufacturers. The company gives a two-year warranty for all installed equipment and parts.

Our motto is ‘only a satisfied customer is the only real customer for us’.

Feel free to visit us any time to verify the quality of our final products!


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